What's included in a typical package?

  • First a consultation to discuss your requirements and the content of the video, initially by telephone / email, we want to understand your requirements fully
  • A full day shoot at your location with a pilot and cameramen and all equipment for both aerial and ground based filming
  • 1-2 days in editing suite
  • Insertion of titles, club logos and any sponsors branding as required (requires high resolution images of any logos)
  • Video set to music. Choose from a large selection of royal free music.
  • Voice-over description of each hole (Pro’s Tip)
  • One pass for re-edit
  • Hosting of the videos for smooth integration and high quality replay on your own website

Brought together this package will provide in stunning detail, a professional presentation of your clubs greatest asset, the golf course.

When do I pay?

We’ll ask you to pay an initial deposit of 10% when you reserve your filming day. Around 35 days prior to filming day we’ll invoice you for the second deposit of 40% which must be paid prior to filming commencing. Forty days prior to filming day we’ll invoice you for a deposit of 40% which must be paid no less than 10 days prior to filming commencing.

Do I have any input on the content?

Yes. Once you’ve booked a shoot we will discuss your requirements with you to produce a basic script. Even on filming day we can spend a bit of time deciding what to shoot with you, this will be your final opportunity to specify anything you’d like to include during filming.

How long will the filming take?

Filming will take a full day. We would generally arrive before sunrise and leave after sunset, this way we can also catch the best conditions for natural and dramatic light.

Is the filming dependent on the weather?

Yes, we’re not able to fly in winds greater than around 20mph. Therefore, we’ll plan to film on a day which is convenient to you when the forecast is predicted to be good.

Do I need to provide anything for the shoot?

A buggy, scorecard, stroke saver/course plan, a club branded ball/tee peg/pencil and ball marker.

Will you film members and visitors on the course?

That’s up to you; if you want to see people playing the course or you’d prefer to have a broadcast style flyover with no one in shot.

If you prefer the video to show golfers playing the course then it would be worthwhile ensuring that everyone is aware of filming. An information sign (which we can provide) at the first tee can remind members and visitors of filming when they arrive.

Is the filming disruptive?

Not at all; as golfers ourselves we know how people move around a golf course as well as course etiquette, right of way etc. We would request a 1 hour time slot where we can “tee off”, this will allow us to move around the course pretty much uninterrupted.

Can you fly over buildings?

Yes, with the building owners permission.

Can you fly over water?

Yes, as long as we still have line of sight.

How long will the video take to edit?

If your edit includes voice-overs and music we’d aim to deliver your video within two weeks of filming. If your requirement is urgent, please let us know and we will do what we can to provide it within your timescales.

Can I include a voiceover?

Yes. As well as music we can provide professional voice-overs at an additional cost from £50 for each 30 seconds of script. All you would need to provide is the script and we would do the rest.

What about choosing music?

The video can have royalty free music, which we can choose for you. If you’d prefer to choose a track yourself we can provide a catalogue to you. If you don’t choose from the free catalogue then a licence fee may be payable.

Can I make changes to the edit?

Yes. We’ll edit the video as agreed in the initial brief then put it online; once viewed you can suggest any changes. We cannot re-edit indefinitely, so this will be the final chance to make any changes.

What about copyright?

Video Flyovers retains the rights over the video. There are no restrictions on its use so you can use it wherever and for whatever purposes you like and this is included within the price.

How do I get my video into my website?

We will provide the HTML code with the video to enable you or your web designer to place the video onto your website. We will also work with your web developer to ensure the best/quickest solution to getting videos running smoothly. Again, this is within the price.

Are you insured?

Yes, we hold public liability insurance up to £3m.

Are you licensed to operate these aircraft?

Yes, all our pilots are fully trained to fly UAVs and have gained approval from the Civil Aviation Authority for carrying out aerial work. This is a legal requirement in the UK it also demonstrates that we are able to operate safely.

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